Swedish scientists discovered the secret of male longevity

Scientists from the Swedish research Institute in the framework of recent studies have established how to increase the life expectancy of an average man.

In the end, experts came to the traditional recommendation. Swedish scientists believe in a healthy body - healthy spirit. The main thing is the physical form of man. Waist size men must not exceed 94 centimeters. Healthy lifestyle, proper diet can build a perfect metabolism and significantly prolong life.

Men should give up bad habits: Smoking and drinking alcohol. This will help to win a couple of decades from himself and nature. Daily exercise is also a great way to strengthen your health. Scientists have found enough 45 minutes in the fresh air daily. Is the average walk to work or to work on foot.

In the presence of any disease should consult their physician and not to delay medical advice. Then you can talk about the significant increase in life expectancy. However, all of the above tips apply not only to the male population, but to all women.

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