Sweat sick person has a special smell - study

On the eve of the scientists proved that the sweat of a sick person has a different smell than healthy. To confirm his theory research group, Karolinska Institute conducted an experiment involving eight volunteers. Half of the introduced bacterial toxin that causes activation of the immune system. The rest instead of the pathological agent was injected with saline solution (this group was designated as a control).

After 40 hours the volunteers took the clothes in which they were during the experience. 40 students were asked to rate the smell of each of the t-shirts. The smell was assessed by several indicators (power, pleasure). It turned out that the smell of sweat sick person more intense and unpleasant than the smell of sweat in the control group. Some students even said that the sweat of the people from the first group was somehow unhealthy.

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A stronger reaction to the toxin, the researchers note, is associated with more intense sweating. In addition, during the illness in the composition of sweat is included unknown connection perceptible to others. Perhaps this is a natural mechanism that we inherited from our ancestors. At all times sick people and animals tried to protect from healthy to avoid epidemics.

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