Survival after bypass heart depends on blood groups

The chance of survival of the patient after coronary artery bypass grafting may depend on the group of his blood. According to scientists from the medical center at Duke University, patients with blood group AB 20 per cent more likely to survive after surgery than patients with blood group A, B or O.

However, almost half of the population has blood type O, in which the risk of bleeding after surgery is quite high.

These conclusions were made based on the analysis of the health status of 15,000 patients. The reason for this difference in the basis of blood may lie in the two proteins responsible for blood clotting. Gene from blood group O is associated with low clotting.

The blood group of a person is determined by two genes, one from each parent, people with blood type O two weak gene, people with AB blood has no such genes and blood clotting high.

Therefore, patients with blood group AB or IV are in the group of low risk of death after surgery.

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