Survey: women don't go to the doctor because of your employment

Scientists have raskryli main reasons why women do not go to the doctor. More than a quarter of respondents believed that work is more important than going to the hospital, a third of women admitted they'd better spend the day with family than on the survey. Role played by inattentive doctors, who had to miss the symptoms of the disease, says The Daily Mail.

Doctors miss one in three cases of mental health problems. Approximately the same number of women did not receive adequate assistance when complaints of sexual health. Many were just difficult to tell the doctor the truth about their symptoms. 35% of physicians did not take seriously the complaints of patients, 25% did not understand what the man says.

If the doctor does not confirm the fears of the patient, he begins to doubt his feelings, ignored the pain and other symptoms. Scientists recommend and doctors and patients on techniques to be more careful not to miss the dangerous disease.

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