Surrogacy - what you need to know and how to choose a surrogate mother

Very often it happens that the couple has been living together, it would seem that both partners are successful people who are lucky in life. However, their lives may not be so rosy as it seems at first glance. Many families nowadays are faced with such a serious problem, as infertility. Partners are long-term treatments, which cause them to have a lot of feelings and turn into significant monetary costs, but sometimes it happens that all the torments are to no avail. Salvation for such couples can become surrogate motherhood. However, to take such a delicate and difficult decision, you must very carefully consider the decision of this question, to weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

To the help of a surrogate mother, as a rule, use women, desperate to give birth to yourself. Or at all, for any valid medical reasons you are unable to become pregnant, or attempts repeatedly fail. The role of a surrogate mother can take a distant relative or close friend of a childless couple. You can also select the candidate in the database specialized medical centers, or to find yourself a woman, ready to make someone else's child. Some girls decide to become a surrogate mother from the urge to help the neighbor, for many consider surrogacy as an opportunity to earn (for the bearing of a child by a surrogate mother gets a decent fee).

In many countries, surrogacy is prohibited. Among them: some States, France, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Germany. In Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Denmark, the UK and Canada, surrogacy is permitted only if it does not lie commercial motives.

In Russia to motherhood are quite loyal. The family code of the Russian Federation suggests that the fate of the child has the right to determine only the surrogate mother. However, if from the Mature fruit of the surrogate mother refuses, all rights to the child are transferred to his biological father and mother. In order to use the services of a surrogate mother, according to the laws of the Russian Federation, the couple can be married or cohabiting.

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There are many opponents of surrogacy. Most of them believe the fetus, vynesennyi a surrogate mother, a commodity that in the future this kind of mother wants to get a reward. However, this criticism does not stop the couple, who decided to take this important step. Many of those who have already managed to despair, this method allows to obtain a hope for the birth of a healthy and intelligent children.

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