Surgical treatment of obesity before pregnancy makes the unborn child healthy

Every year more and more obstetrician-gynecologists are faced with the management of pregnant women with obesity in America this figure in some States reached 22 percent over the decade, the prevalence of obesity among women of reproductive age has increased by 69 percent.

Obesity in pregnant women leads to gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, growth retardation and child development, child obesity and increased risk of stillbirth. These higher risks require specialists careful doing pregnant. Unfortunately, conservative recommendations for weight normalization women before pregnancy is rarely performed. They include: diet, exercise and modification of lifestyle.

This was the motivation for scientists from the Department of obstetrics and gynecology, Chicago Medical University to conduct clinical research and to answer the question: "How does obesity surgery on subsequent pregnancy and newborn health?".

The researchers conducted the monitoring of pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal outcomes in the two groups. The first group is pregnant with obesity, which fulfilled the standard recommendations for pregnancy. The second group is pregnant, which before conception of the child, in the framework of preparation for pregnancy, was bariatrics surgery to reduce body mass index.

The result - in the group of pregnant women who are planning child coped with obesity surgical method showed an improvement of some indicators, namely the reduction of cases of gestational diabetes, birth of children with less weight than mothers with obesity.

All this allows us to recommend bariatrics surgery women with a strong degree of obesity in the planning period of the child (before conception).

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