Surgical menopause affects mental abilities

The results of the study 1837 women aged 53-ex 100 years has shown that the operation to remove the ovaries in women increases the likelihood that their mental abilities are declining in older age, writes The Independent. Such surgery to remove the ovary are held mainly in women at a young age due to cancer. As a result, after such surgery begins, the so-called surgical menopause. Similar to menopause was detected in one third of the studied women. They were tested on memory and thinking.

As it turned out, surgical menopause in his youth had a negative impact on the ability to think and for some types of memory. These memory types are treated long-term memory, which is associated with concepts and ideas, as well as episodic memory, which is associated with the events.

According to study leader Dr. Riley Bova of the Medical College of Harvard University, have the opportunity to assume that in such cases it makes sense to spend hormonal substitution therapy. This is evidenced by the results of the study.

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