Surgery: removal of the "clown nose" three girls

British doctors performed surgery to remove a bright red birthmark with a nose three girls, it seems th at the clown nose. Now Parents Connie Zara and Tom Lloyd can not worry about what other kids will tease their daughter when she goes to kindergarten. Dawn was only one day when the mother noticed her nose red dots that month turned into a red circle with a diameter of 4 centimeters. Skin specialist quickly diagnosed the child with a benign tumor. The doctors noticed the spot on the nose of the girl for another 26 weeks pregnant, but the girl was born without problems, the mole showed itself only in the 4th week of a child's life. Connie took drugs against the extension of the tumor, however, that continued to grow with it, expanding not only in breadth but also in depth. Parents were afraid that the distance from the nose of their daughter, little will remain.

After several years of searching, the girl's father found a surgeon who was able to remove the girl's tumor and now she is looking forward to when they can go to kindergarten. The girl's mother admits that they often hid the girl, in order to avoid obsevant that little girl was pretty hard to bear.

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Now she was left only a small scar on his nose and she is looking forward to when you can make new friends.

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