Surgery for weight reduction improve the functioning of the kidneys

Bariatric surgery is a special branch of surgery. Specialists in this field are engaged in the application of a gastric, bypass, gastroplasty. The main objective of operations is to reduce the amount of stomach and body fat reduction. Scientists investigated the quality of life of patients undergoing surgery for weight reduction. Monitoring 3134 participants lasted 2.4 years.

With to 130.1 kg patients lose weight to 90.9 kg (average figures). Interestingly, in most cases, weight reduction improved the work of the kidneys. The data were published by Zee News.

Especially pronounced improvement of the quality of life noted patients with chronic kidney disease. Weight reduction has improved the functioning of the urinary system.

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Scientists believe, requires more effort to invest in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. No doctor can cure the disease without involvement of the patient. In the case of obesity medicine plays a very minor role in healing. The main thing - the right approach to nutrition, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

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