Surgery for breast enlargement - what you need to know?

Beautiful Breasts - the pride of every woman, but what about those who have poor luxurious bust or circumstances deprived of the opportunity to boast about them? Comes to the aid of modern plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular operations around the world. Not only stars, but also ordinary women strive to improve the appearance of their Breasts. Not all of these operations are connected only with the desire to increase the size - often adjusts the shape of the breast, asymmetry or absence of the breast.

Having a huge number of similar operations, plastic surgery has gained tremendous experience in performing such manipulations, however, if you desire to increase breast first and foremost, you need to carefully consider the choice of a physician. It is not enough to read only the reviews on the website of the clinic, is to talk with patients and to review the results of the intervention. Visiting the hospital, the attention should be fixed not only on the equipment and the availability of medical instruments and drugs, but also for cleanliness, appearance of personnel, attitude to visitors and patients, as well as on the condition and equipment of the chambers. The warning may be a reluctance to show all the documents of the clinic and the surgeon, and also the prices are much lower than the same.

From the point of view of health contraindications for breast augmentation are the same as for most other operations - serious acute and chronic diseases, pregnancy, intolerance to anesthesia. It is necessary to inform the doctor about your allergies, especially to medications.

The implant is placed in the chest under the breast muscle and under the breast. Both methods give equally good aesthetic result, the choice of method depends on the anatomical features of the patient. Modern breast implants can be of any size, but a sharp increase practiced rarely very large Breasts, especially on the fragile body looks unnatural, moreover, due to the displacement of the center of gravity increases the load on the spine and stretches the delicate skin of the bust.

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There are several methods of insertion of the implant through a moon-shaped incision under the breast, which is hidden in the crease and invisible under the breast, through the cut edge of the areola, this is often performed and correction of the nipple, through the axilla and even through the navel - endoscope is the channel through which the implant is introduced, and the traces of the operation does not remain at all. Each method has a right to exist and be selected by the surgeon according to individual indications for each client.

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