Surgeons working at night, the next day can successfully conduct operations

Researchers have repeatedly warned that doctors are dangerous to work in night shift. They argue that lack of sleep can cause fatal errors. But, according to a recent study conducted at the Medical center of Geisinger, not all that bad, and cardiologists, spent the night shift, you can do percutaneous coronary intervention, which they do perfectly fine.

According to "Remedium", research experts was provided analysis of all data about the operations carried out for the period starting in 2005 and ending in 2009. Scientists have drawn attention to procedures, performed from 7 am to 11 PM, they were divided in two groups.

In the first were collected operation, which was conducted by the doctors working at night. And the second those that were performed rested specialists. For a specified period of four surgeons performed about 4 thousand operations.

The number of deaths and complications that occurred during or after treatment, in both groups did not differ greatly. Although the second group is marked with a small increased risk of bleeding in the place of origin of the artery (2.7% compared with 0%), but these figures are in any case can not be called alarming. However, scientists make the caveat that the statistical precision is not present, as its scales were not significant.

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