Surgeons have tried in the case screws from silk

Surgeons have found non-standard application of silk. This material became the basis for the development of silk screws. As the main scope indicates the bond to the bone during operations, writes New Scientist. The main advantages of lightness and strength.

In addition, silk does not cause inflammation, in contrast to biological materials. He is not subject to corrosion as some surgical metals. This has prompted scientists to the development of surgical devices of new generation. Silk screws are quickly installed, and they had properties not inferior to conventional screws.

During the development of scientists from Harvard medical school melted silk and melted it in alcohol. The resulting solution was poured into molds of the screw, where it froze and became solid. Studies on laboratory rats prove that the screw is also threaded into the bone and connect the two fragments of bone. Silk braces gradually decompose, but it does not cause inflammation and suppuration. In the near future, the scientists plan to conduct clinical trials.

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