Surgeons have developed a technique for the simultaneous removal of stones from both kidneys

Just one surgery will get rid of the stones in the two kidneys. Method of simultaneous bilateral ureteroscopy has a number of advantages, writes The Daily Mail. Doctors with the help of special methods get information about the location and type of stones. Further pathological education detect ureteroscopes. After connecting the laser, splitting the stones.

In the standard intervention each kidney is operated separately. It is worth noting that stone disease is common. About one in ten men and one in 20 women suffer from stones. Often the stones are formed in adulthood (30 to 60 years). Simultaneous cleaning of two kidneys reduces the time of the patient's stay in hospital and reduce the number of complications.

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There is a method to their opponents. Some surgeons share their concerns. When ureteroscopy may damage the kidneys. To date the method was tested on 22 patients. The success of the operation - 92%. Three quarters of the patients were discharged from the hospital the day of surgery. The rest showed minor complications, which slightly increased the time of hospital stay.

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