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Conditions of modern life inevitably affect the condition of our health. Environmental conditions, stress, unbalanced diet, lack of leisure time, various drugs are undermining our health. However, pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses at this time continue to adapt and actively multiply. They very quickly develop resistance to medicines and continuously mutate. This is especially significant in the last time, when we practice self-treatment. Stopping before the time course of antibiotic, we leave in the body part of live pathogens, which will now genetic restructuring. Next time this treatment will not be effective. This is called drug resistance. How to be in this situation? The answer is simple - as much as possible to strengthen your immune system.

Pathogens enter to thin the mucous membranes, which are entirely permeated the smallest capillaries. Under favorable conditions the aggressors freely proliferate, secrete toxins (the products of their metabolism) that get into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. To prevent this may only natural protective functions of the immune system - native microflora. This is a set of certain bacteria that inhabit the mucous membranes, which attack foreign agents. In this case the body is mobilized and begins active's own production of interferon and antibodies in the blood. Teamwork healthy body allows you to arrest the disease in the early stages of development.

The prevalence of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestinal microflora of an organism is called dysbiosis. Symptoms:

The body's immune system begins in the nasopharynx and continues in the intestine. In the case of dysbiosis need to get rid of pathogenic bacteria to colonize the mucosa of the beneficial bacteria. This is possible with the help of biologically active preparations of probiotics. These include biharilal, Linex, Bifiform, Alitalia, hilak - Forte, which improve intestinal digestion, absorption of nutrients and restore normal intestinal motility. To simultaneously secure and maintain the immune system you need to adjust your diet and be sure to include the use of sour-milk products, cereals, jellies (e.g., oat), fiber (vegetables, fruits, sprouted wheat), add foods containing magnesium, zinc, selenium and manganese. The latter are responsible for the production of protective antibodies and contained in cabbage, radish, beets, legumes, nuts, carrots, beets, onion, wheat, and medicinal plants (aloe, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, marjoram, peppermint, yarrow, sage).

Be sure to start the hardening of the body by conservative methods (rubbing, contrast showers, swimming) or to use modern methods of fizioterapii (low-frequency electromagnetic therapy).

Due to disturbances in motor function of intestinal iron absorption is reduced if it contains vitamins and minerals. And the deficit, in turn, undermines the immune system. Therefore, to maintain and strengthen the protective forces needed an extra dose of vitamins and antioxidants. It can be drugs such as antioxidant, komplivit, Vitrum, duovit, vitalux, bio max, cardiochiles that offers pharmacy online or pharmacies of your city. It should be emphasized that it is possible to buy only licensed medical products. Before you purchase a particular vitamin complex, you should consult with your doctor. Possible allergies to certain elements or intoxication excessive dose of the drug.

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