Supplements for the treatment of impotence even more worsen the situation

More recently, the American Inspectorate for control over the circulation of medicines has made a statement according to which was established to improve the potency of the medicinal product based on natural ingredients, in fact, worsen the degree of erectile dysfunction, which can further lead to complete impotence. That is why the Inspectorate recommends that patients refrain from their use, and their manufacturers to be removed from production. This warning is the second account. In the first it was also mentioned that the so-called Supplements contain active substances that are already in the viagra or Cialis.

These drugs can cause irreversible effects in men suffering from heart disease, and can cause serious adverse reactions when combined with other drugs. Those consumers, who have seen similar products in the market should abandon their acquisition and future use, since the side effects are irreversible, and in the case of occurrence of side effects you should immediately consult a doctor.

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This statement is based on the results of the inspection of the examination. According to manufacturers, they contain uterine milk and the extract from the plant Ginkgo, which are considered natural drugs to increase potency. But instead, it was found that the Supplements contained unmarked component, which in its action is similar to the main active substance of Viagra. This substance can lead to reduced pressure, heart disease, and also to violation of a potentiality in the future. If concurrently with these drugs to take nitroglycerin, the effect of the adverse effects will only increase.

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