Supplementation with vitamin a will save to 600,000 children's lives a year

A team of researchers from the UK and Pakistan has published a report, according to which low-income countries need to register children supplementation with vitamin a to prevent childhood diseases and mortality.

The researchers argue that the vitamin is so effective that further testing and thus to postpone save children's lives simply unethical. Vitamin a is an important nutrient into the body with food. Deficiency of vitamin a in children are vulnerable to infections, measles, diarrhea and can even lead to blindness. The world Health Organization believes that, in General, from a lack of this vitamin suffer 190 million children around the world.

A team of scientists analyzed the results of 43 studies on the influence of vitamin a on child's body, which was attended by 200 thousand children aged 6 months to 5 years. It was found that in countries with low and middle income countries vitamin a can reduce child mortality by 24 percent. Thus, 600,000 lives of 190 million annually can be saved.

Based on these results the authors strongly recommend to introduce vitamin a supplements for children under 5 years subject to deficiency of this vitamin districts. All the government's efforts should now be focused on ensuring that humanitarian aid vitamins and Wellness programs reached their destinations.

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