Supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids normalize blood pressure

Dr. James K. Liu. and his team from Pittsburgh believe that omega-3 fatty acids is able to normalize blood pressure and should be added to the diet to prevent hypertension.

This conclusion, scientists have made on the results of clinical research whose purpose was to establish a link between the consumption of supplements with omega-3 fatty acids and blood pressure. The survey was conducted on 265 volunteers aged 30-54 years. All the subjects had not previously received supplements of omega-3 fatty acids and were not taking antihypertensive medications. The results of the study were assessed by daily monitoring of blood pressure and take into account the correction for sex, age, race, level of salt intake and physical activity.

The results of the study showed that despite the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids are well documented reduction in systolic blood pressure by 2.1 and diastolic 2.3 mm Hg.

Today, omega-3 fatty acids are widely used in cardiology for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis in patients with cardiovascular pathology. This study opens up wider horizons for the application of omega-3 fatty acids in cardiac practice.

In addition to dietary supplements and drugs, polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in abundance in red fish, almonds, nuts, olive oil.

Source: American journal of hypertension, 24 edition 2011

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