Superbroker is a new product on the shelf superbody

British scientists have grown a new generation of broccoli, containing three times as much glucoraphanin, which helps prevent heart disease. The study leader Richard Mizen of the Institute of food research in Norwich notes that broccoli significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. New broccoli were given a tasting of reporters who noted that in taste they are in no way inferior to conventional vegetables, and even silent sweeter because it contains less sulfur.

Glucoraphanin breaks down fats in the body, preventing the clogging of arteries, in large quantities it is contained in broccoli. New super broccoli was removed after 14 years of work by crossing different varieties of plants, and at the moment he has already received a European patent. Made broccoli in a natural way without genetic modification.

Super product already on sale in the UK, and next year will be sold in the United States. Development of super-vegetables - the latest trend among manufacturers of nutritional products ranging from calcium-fortified orange juice to milk with omega-3 fatty acids. In the UK for the new broccoli you can buy mushrooms with a high content of vitamin D, and also potatoes and tomatoes with added selenium.

In addition to lowering cholesterol, glucoraphanin is a preventive measure against certain types of cancer. However, the price of a new kind of broccoli may scare off buyers, it is about a third more expensive than ordinary vegetables.

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