Sunlight lowers blood pressure

Conducted by researchers from Edinburgh University study found that exposure to daylight can reduce the risk of human stroke and heart attack. As it turned out, the ultraviolet rays release compound that helps lower blood pressure, which in turn is a positive factor in the prevention of these diseases.

The study involved 24 people. Scientists studied their pressure, and then subjected volunteers to the effect of infrared lamps and ultraviolet rays. Analyses of the results found that in the time of exposure to UV-radiation blood pressure of the participants was reduced.

To date, the need for sunbathing for humans was due to the body's need for vitamin D, which is produced under the influence of Sun rays on man. According to study leader Dr. Richard Weller of the University of Edinburgh, benefit from the sun's rays for heart health more than likely the risk of developing skin cancer. At the moment, the scientists plan to conduct research to develop General recommendations on the impact of ultraviolet radiation on human skin, as the opinions on the issue, according to scientists, should be considered again.

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