Sunbathing reduce the risk of strokes

On the eve of the British scientists have found that the sun significantly improve human health. In addition, this procedure reduces the risk of strokes and cardiovascular system. Being under the sun normalizes blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure.

The experiment was attended by 25 volunteers. Experts from Edinburgh and Southampton universities recorded the results, conclusions and published them in the magazine Gournal of Experimental Dermatology".

Disputes concerning the benefits and harms of sunbathing are still, however, experts believe that the sun have more positive than negative. UV rays contribute to the production of vitamin D in the body, increase the levels of nitric oxide in the tissues. This substance normalizes the blood flow and blood pressure.

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In the study, volunteers were asked to sunbathe for half an hour in the middle of the day. With the help of special funds were protected from burns and overheating. The obtained data, scientists believe, explain the reason for more frequent heart attacks in areas with minimal sunlight.

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