Sun, air and water: a resident of Sri Lanka five years of living without food

Most official sources claim that people without any food can exist no more than five or six days. However, in Sri Lanka there is a man whose life is an example of a refutation of this official version: Kirby de Lanerolle not there for almost five years.

According to him, to maintain his life to help him energy sources higher efficiency than ordinary food. Kirby argues that the sources of saturation for him are many of the phenomena of nature: light, wind, sound, vibration, etc. to learn how to obtain the necessary energy, you become like a common solar battery, says Kirby.

For almost a whole year energy diet Kirby does not exceed five hundred calories per day. Most likely, the commitment to a healthy lifestyle has evolved due to the fact that he, as a teenager, had a strong addiction to drugs. Later he managed to recover and even to reach these heights in the political arena - Kirby was an adviser at the Ministry of social services. Just at this period, he came across a brochure telling about the people who do not use food for five or six years or more. Then he began to starve, remembering that scientists say that junk food can lead to heart disease or even cancer.

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Today, Kirby de Lanerolle not only consciously rejects food, but also promotes their views on a healthy lifestyle among people. However, official medicine, disagrees, arguing that such extreme experiments on the body can be harmful to health. This particularly applies to full fasting, negative results can be unpredictable.

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