Summer in the Urals will begin work on a new nuclear center

In the Urals by the summer work center with computer devices and positron emission tomography. These methods help doctors to accurate diagnoses and to determine the volumetric lesions in any tissue. The center opened in the framework of the 60th anniversary of the all-Russian research Institute of technological physics, academician Zababakhin in Snezhinsk.

In the new nuclear center will diagnose and treat cancer, neurological diseases, diseases of blood vessels and the heart. Engineers put as a priority the launch of the CT/PET center.

To work in a medical center will staff VNIITF, doctors from Chelyabinsk Oncology center. The results of the surveys can be sent to Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk, in special medical institutions.

"Equipping and operation into a single high-tech complex of several main components: cyclotron and PET/CT scanner in the building of the plant radiopharmaceuticals, Russia", - says the Deputy Director of Russia on development of business areas Oleg Golikov.

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Note, the nuclear center is needed not only for medical purposes. One of its main tasks is to test nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons, the study of gas dynamics, turbulence and physics of high energy planes.

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