Central University of Auckland, New Zealand conducted a study to investigate the phenomenon of writing. As it turned out, if in writing, to describe all their ailments, then people faster cures physical and moral wounds.

It has a soothing effect, and the wounds these people heal much faster. The study involved 50 volunteers who were divided into two equal groups. Participants of the first group had throughout the experiment to describe the condition in oral form. In the second group all data were recorded in writing by hand by volunteers.

After two weeks, the scientists took a biopsy tissues from all participants, as a result, the skin formed small wounds. The main purpose of this measure was to determine the difference between the two groups. The wound healed after eleven days. The amount healed sostavilo % - almost all study participants who described their emotions and state in writing. In the second group the number of recoveries amounted to 42%, which is two times less than in the first group.

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Thus, scientists from the University of Auckland have confirmed their statement about the close relationship between the healing process and healing the body with the presentation of ideas in writing.

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