Sugar substitutes prevents people to lose weight - the scientists

The first thought in my head of a man who decided to lose weight: how to adjust your diet? A large part comes to the replacement of special sugar substitutes. This applies in particular to people with diabetes of the second type. However, recent studies show that it is better to give up sweets. This methodology allows us to quickly lose weight and improve your body.

In the present study involved men and women with excess weight. As an experiment they were divided into two groups. The first group consumed sugar substitutes, the second group completely abandoned sweet. In the rest of the diet groups was identical. The experiment lasted three months.

It turned out that in the first group of people dumped less weight. It turns out that the sugar substitutes affect metabolism and inhibit the process of losing weight.

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In addition, some scientists insist on the harmfulness of sugar substitutes. Regular intake of these substances is one of the causes of chronic diseases of internal organs.

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