Sugar is addictive on a par with cocaine – scientists

The dependence of the sweet – no joke, say experts from Queensland University of technology. They have proven that sugar, under certain conditions, can cause addiction similar to narcotic. Sweet in such cases changes the behavior of the person and turns from food to drugs.

Abuse of sweet food disrupts the production of dopamine in the brain. This hormone is responsible for mood. When forming the reflex "sweet joy", the lack of sweet leads to the similarity of the syndrome in drug addicts. The person feels depressed, the motivation disappears to do something.

Sugar is used by all, says the Professor of neurology Selena Bartlett. She believes that the scientific community and physicians should pay attention to the problem of "sugar addiction". Note, excessive consumption of sweets not only affect the psyche, but also increases the likelihood of development of diabetes with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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