Sugar in large quantities of toxic

Experience, delivered on rats showed that individuals who constantly fed sugar had two times higher mortality and overall worse development than rats who were given regular food.

The diet of mice consisted of a quarter of the sugar syrup. Thus, the next generation suffered from high mortality of calves. Consequently, it is possible to talk about the toxic properties of sugar, which he has on the developing fetus.

Rats are perfect for the diet, because the diet of rats and humans in a lot of similarities. The harmful effects of sugar was found even in those doses that for a person previously considered safe.

A mouse lived in a huge cells separated by partitions, and represents a network of tunnels and labyrinths. When comparing the behavior and lifestyle of healthy mice and mice sitting on "sweet diet" that you have installed some regularity. Development of muscle tissue and nervous system of mice sitting on the Sahara had been lagging behind their healthy counterparts. Such mice was sick twice as often, often simply did not survive to old age, differed in lower fertility and overall low activity.

The tests suggest that sugar is toxic even in those doses that were previously considered to be completely safe. Sugar can have a similar effect on humans, reducing the length and quality of life.

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