Sugar helps quit

51 smoked for garages student caught the eye of staff of the University of Georgia, which suggested that they be checked for self-control. At the same time, running the tests, students were rinsed my mouth with the help of natural lemonade, which was a mixture of lemon juice and water. The lemonade one half was sugar, other students - an artificial sweetener.

In the course of the experiment guys, polosnuvshim lemonade mouth, would determine the color of different words displayed on the screen, even though they had the names of other colors. For example, in blue was written the word "yellow". It turned out the reaction of the first group was faster on color than on the word, and the second managed to confuse: they failed to correctly identify the color.

According to a Professor at the University of Georgia Leonard Martin, an explanation of the strange influence of lemonade for students lies in the ability of sugar to cause the stimulation process carbohydrate sensors of the language. They transmit data to the centers of motivation of the brain, increasing alertness and endurance. As the Professor says, based on the motivation of the so-called emotional investment. That is, when solving a particular task emotions are responsible for the urge to choose a more obvious solution. Sugar causes inhibition of automatic responses, forcing the brain to work harder.

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It is fair to ask: what does this have to do with Smoking. The fact that, quit Smoking, you can use the glucose slows down the speed of decisions. The most obvious solution is to disregard all and stretching hand to the pile. And the proposal of daily lemonade gargle in cases of sudden vakaturaga desire to smoke seems to be the most obvious. This procedure, according to the researchers, will help not only to distract from bad habits, but also to increase the level of self-control and pass in the circle of friends of the great original. It is important not to drink a sugar solution, because quit is not immune from the problem set excessive weight.

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