Suffering from obesity people better remember the location of high-calorie foods

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen came to the conclusion that suffer from obesity people have their own Navigator, which enables them to quickly find the place where you can buy food with a high content of calories. A more detailed study is published in the journal Appetite.

In the study, the head of which was Dr. Kevin Allan, took part 41 girl, BMI which ranged from 18.5 to 30 research Scientists asked them to imagine they are at a great fair, 24 pavilions which sell food. The experts showed the girls pictures of different foods, among them were healthy vegetables and fruits, and products containing large amounts of calories. After scientists removed the pictures, they asked the study participants to install memory location of each product on the map of an imaginary fair.

As it turned out, those girls, BMI was higher, it is better to remember the location of energy-dense foods, meanwhile, high body mass index does not affect the memory of the participants. Similar results have made it possible for scientists to assume that such selective memory gave the opportunity prehistoric ancestors to survive in the conditions of shortage of food. They remembered those places that were rich in energy-dense food.

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This explains the fact that people, even when a wide range of dishes, more inclined to choose those products that contain the most calories.

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