Suffering from heartburn will help electricity

American researchers together with Dutch experts are authors of discoveries, which might be a revolution in the treatment of such minor, but for many patients the disease is heartburn. The method has successfully passed the tests, characterized by great prospects for everyone who was in the position of hostage sensations associated with discomfort, and caused a pleasant surprise colleagues from the medical side.

Today, the therapy has trivial measures, eliminating this unpleasant sensation: reduced acidity by using drugs with elimination of symptoms of reflux. This treatment was not available for some time to reduce the discomfort, because it is based on the symptoms. Scientists from the Mayo clinic conducted experiments, radically changed the views on the issue. They were produced by implantation of patients with heartburn small feeder weak electrical impulses that cause the closure of muscular valve blocking in the normal upward movement of stomach contents.

Method researchers was tested on volunteers, 77% of which within a certain amount of time eliminated frequent medication and stated that the normalization of the digestive functions. A year later the same subjects were participants in the experiment, again confirmed that the use of the device has greatly improved their health. In the Netherlands this test has been eleven people who suffer from heartburn. As a result, most of them forgot about the medication for the prevention of disease.

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