Successful weight loss depends on the correct company

It turns out that the psychological aspect of dieting can significantly affect the development process of weight loss. According to nutritionists Britain, those people that eat in the company of slim maleic, can more quickly return to your cherished body proportions.

Nutritionists advise those who wish to win over excess weight weight, never to sit down to dinner with friends who love tasty and plenty to eat. Under the psychological influence of these gluttons, slimming himself unconsciously will absorb a little more food than usual. Researchers from the University of Birmingham convinced people on a subconscious level affected by the tastes of those people who surround him. That is, if everything will dine free of grease yogurt and vegetable salads, you will not be able to constantly be fried potatoes with meat and cream cake for dessert. The researchers analyzed the behavior of several dozen women who were to follow such a mode of conduct in the course of a month. It was found that psychological well-formed company can lead to a reduction in weight from 2 to 10 pounds. While eating in the company of the right people, but in smaller amounts than usual, did not cause the subjects subsequent feelings of hunger.

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