Style sneezing will talk about what people in sex

Scientists proposed the hypothesis that the way a person sneezes, you can tell a lot about his character. Because some people sneeze is powerful, very loud, and some sneeze quietly, apologetically.

American neurologist Alan Hirsch said that sneezing, and laughter, are different for each person, we Know that there are people who laugh quietly, and some loud. Style sneezing persists from childhood, and can tell you about the personal qualities of the person. According to American scholar, the feelings that a person experiences after sneezing, comparable to the sensation of orgasm. On this basis, Hirsch concluded that impulsive sex man sneezes loudly and openly. If the person is in bed, it makes it labored.

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However, the scientist urged to pay attention not only on personal sexual quality, but also on the bone structure of the face and the shape of the nose.

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