Study: young children prefer full men

Scientists from the University of Sheffield found that newborns prefer the dads who have big bellies and folds on the body than lean and pumped fathers. This is due to the fact that these men remind the babies mother. Science has long established that babies are able to recognize the cute face, but recent studies have shown that they had a very specific concept of male beauty. Despite the fact that small children like men with attractive faces, however, they prefer holders loose and plump figures.

During their study, the researchers showed babies gallery as neat and full of figures of men, in order to determine how they perceive masculine beauty. While lean men were models, and holders of full and loose shapes scientists chose of his friends, as in the scientific circles men pumping up muscles especially not interested. The children were divided into three groups, one of which included children under the age of three months, the second group were involved children six months old, and the third 9-month-old babies.

The researchers recorded the reaction of the kids to the smallest of emotions with the help of video cameras. Each photo was shown for 10 seconds, and photo full men were replaced by photographs skinny. Some men's faces were open and some closed. As it turned out, the children at the age of nine months preferred loose figures of men. The six kids were distinguished figures, however, particular preference they are not demonstrated, and the three-month kids didn't care what the picture showed them to the researchers. Interestingly, nine kids chose full of men with private individuals. Scientists determine the fact that children like effeminate figure resembled the shape of their mothers.

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