Study: women adopt the Outlook on life from the man she loved

If a woman goes out with sarcastic sexist, there is a high chance that she will become like this after a while. This is indicated by the results of scientific work at the University of Illinois. A group of scientists investigated the peculiarities of the relations of more than a thousand couples from America and New Zealand. The average age of the relationships included in the group for analysis, amounted to three years.

Scientists noticed that the ratio of men to sexism profoundly influenced the attitude to this factor in a partner. It was enough to spend a year together that the views of men passed the woman. Researchers have identified two types of sexism: benevolent (acceptance of women, providing them with protection, assistance) and hostile (woman status will always be below men).

In fact, benevolent sexism has nothing against traditional views. So women willingly accepted this worldview. Note that in another study, researchers found: pokrovitelya attitude makes men develop complexes in women.

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