Study: women 20-40 percent more likely to experience mental disorders

Professor Daniel Freeman of Oxford in the study came to the conclusion that women 20-40 percent more likely to suffer from mental disorders than men, reports The Daily Mail. This phenomenon is due to the fact that many women are forced to play multiple roles simultaneously.

As it turned out, the fair half of mankind are more likely to suffer from depression, phobias, insomnia, stress and eating disorders. They think that they do not have time and can not cope with the tasks. Men, by contrast, often use alcohol, some use drugs, and the majority has a tendency to the emergence of their angry outbursts.

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Meanwhile, women are more willing to talk about their psychological problems. Some people believe that women and men have quite different problems due to gender differences. Actually, this is not the case, but according to the statistics of differentiation exist. The cause of these differences to the Professor so far could not be determined.

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