Study: with age, the concept of morality of the people are changing

Small children are easy to distinguish good deeds from bad, however, with age, the concept of morality becomes more complicated. As a result, in the process of growing up children have doubts about what kind of actions should be considered correct. Received the study results, reports newspaper the Hindustan Times.

In total, the experiment involved 100 children aged 6-12 years. Most of the little children definitely agree that a white lie is evil. Children a little older (group 10-12 years) already had some disagreement on this issue.

Even little kids had to just admit the truth, inevitably leading to negative consequences for another person. Older quite often didn't know how best to proceed.

Scientists try to explain the above phenomena. The fact that the children are under the influence of education of parents. Over the years, there opinion of their peers, which is often not identical with the parent. As a result, there is such a trait as stealth.

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