Study: to determine the causes of migraines are very difficult

It is believed that the causes of migraines are stress, alcohol, hormones, and weather conditions. However, a recent study conducted by experts of the Baptist medical center in Wake forest, found that to identify the true cause of migraines without a series of complex experiments, it is simply impossible.

The majority of individuals who suffer from migraines, try to identify yourself, what exactly was the cause of headaches, as correctly setting the triggers will allow for timely nausea headache, and avoid it. However, daily variables fluctuations, such as: the weather, the level of hormones, physical activity, sleep or stressful situation spoil favorable conditions to identify triggers. For example, the patient may use the wine for several days, and only once biting his cheese, the picture is distorted. Thus, an effective self-assessment of what is happening can be given only in ideal conditions, which occur once in two years.

Many patients are in constant fear of the unpredictability of headaches. They often limit themselves in everyday life, to be always ready for new attacks. In addition, patients taking medications to prevent, thereby increasing headaches.

In the new study involved 9 suffering from migraine with aura women. They had a regular diary and wrote in it a number of stressful situations during the day. In addition, each day they passed urine for analysis of hormone levels. Together with the obtained data, the scientists analyzed the weather reports for the last three years. It should be noted that each time the patient was evaluated by the trigger, to determine triggering migraines factor was not even a doctor.

According to the study authors, this is due to the fact that patients themselves do not have comprehensive information for identifying factors of headache. To do this, they are advised to undergo a series of experiments, which should be developed together with their treating physician.

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