Study: the size of the plates is set to

A recent study found one simple truth: the smaller the plate, the less calories. This method is applicable to the treatment of obesity in children after scientists noticed that obese children tend to choose a large plate. To prevent obesity epidemic both among adults and among children, the researchers suggest just replacing the large plates on a plate smaller. This conclusion scientists from temple University came after noticing a trend of increasing meals lately, and that's why they decided to establish the effect of reducing the size of the plates on the number of calories consumed.

The study involved 42 children. Scientists watched them for eight days. During this time, the children enjoyed a buffet style and was able to impose itself in the many plates of food. Half of the studies they used a plate with a diameter of 18 inches, and the second half of the study, the diameter of the plates was equal to 25 see the Study showed that children consumed 90 calories less if they ate from plates of small size. And if they ate food from the large plates, in most cases, they simply didn't finish.

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Scientists are very pleased with the results of the experiment, because children change their eating habits is much easier than adults. Children eat when you are hungry, while adults have a tendency to overeat in case of stress, or, depending on the value of consumed food. Scientists recommend that adults learn from their children, how to eat, and to stop thinking of food as a holiday.

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