Study: the condition of the teeth fan of soda and cochinita with experience turned out to be the same

Scientists from the Philadelphia Temple University School of Dentistry found that fans of carbonated drinks at risk to have the same teeth, what are people addicted to cocaine or methamphetamine. That is, the use of coke as bad as the use of crack cocaine or meth. It should be noted that to rotting the teeth lead any kind of soda drinks, even diet which does not contain sugar. Meanwhile, scientists make an amendment: in order to bring the condition of the teeth to the same, as with drug use, soda should be consumed in large quantities.

In their study, the researchers examined the condition of the oral cavity of a young thirty year old woman who drank 2 liters of soda every day. Her teeth were destroyed as well as twenty-nine addict who used methamphetamines, or fifty years of cochinita with experience. It should also be noted that the young addict is also used to drink 2-3 cans of Cola a day, both drugs were constantly dry mouth. As for the 50-year-old cochinita, he had used the drug for a period of eighteen years. This period is 4 times more than the time consumption of soda a young woman. In addition, Respondent admitted that for a long time did not visit the dentist.

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In the end it should be added that all three participants in the study (two addicts and girl) from such a deplorable state of the oral cavity have been completely removed all his teeth. Conducted the research assistants once again I urge lovers of soda does not get involved in it.

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