Study: the aging process can begin in the womb

The oxygen deficiency in the mother can lead to premature aging of the unborn child. Moreover, at the genetic level, the lack of nutrients can cause aging in the womb. About this informs The Times of India, referring to the study of a group of scientists from the University of Cambridge.

In the world of science for determining biological age scientists measure the length of telomeres in cells. The longer the structure, the younger the cell and, therefore, younger than the body. In the experiment with laboratory mice, scientists noticed that the oxygen deficiency shortened telomeres in the cells of embryos. This greatly increased the probability of developing cardiovascular diseases in comparison with the control group.

To reduce the risk of allowed additives with antioxidants. These substances prevented the damage of the genetic apparatus and to have a positive impact on the health of the offspring. Scientists draw attention to how important it is to monitor the health of all expectant mothers. Only careful planning for pregnancy can guarantee a healthy baby.

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