Study: Teens can manage money better than adults

Often teenagers are irrational, but in matters of spending they can succeed more adults. Sure, scientists from Duke University. They found: at the age of 10-16 years of a child lays the foundations of money management. In some cases, 16-year-old teenager can be more rational 22-the summer young man. This writes The Hindustan Times.

Scientists have proposed that the study participants to choose one of economic scenarios. In each case, subjects could receive a different prize or a total loss of money. Adults did just that by trial and error they found the most favorable scenario. Teenagers would require significantly less time to get rich, at least virtually.

The Teens tried to minimize losses and to develop the most effective theme. Young people 22 years, by contrast, ignored the information that seemed to them useless, paid a minimum of time analyzing the results of each round.

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