Study: Smoking reduces the level of intelligence

This is the conclusion of researchers from the University of Edinburgh. They found that Smoking significantly accelerates the aging process of the brain. As a result, smokers face before memory loss and problems remembering new information. There is good news: the brain can recover to a healthy state, if people refuse from cigarettes. About it reports The New Indian Express.

With age, Smoking accelerates the thinning of the cerebral cortex. It is in the gray matter are the areas responsible for memory, attention and many other functions. The process of thinning of the cortex in smokers, the researchers found, is accelerated in two times in comparison with non-smokers.

Most likely the case in chronic hypoxia of the brain due to tobacco smoke. Smoking cessation returns the brain the ability to regenerate gray matter, and after a certain time the function of the nervous system restores.

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