Study: sleep-deprived people socially dangerous to society

Deficiency of sleep is dangerous not only for the individual but for the society in which it is located. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Utah (USA). They proved that a social menace from the sleepy man's quite real and tangible.

Volunteers who agreed to the experiment, were divided into two groups. The first group slept for 6 hours, the second less so. Next, the subjects conducted a magnetic resonance imaging. Received information the researchers compared with subjective parameters of good people.

Was spotted the paradox. Some volunteers are externally was awake and seemed to be awake, but their brain, according to MRI, almost asleep. To drive such a man is dangerous, and being in the workplace, requiring intellectual activity does not make sense.

Normally we are immersed in the first phase of a superficial sleep, then fall asleep in deep sleep. When lack of sleep is virtually instantaneous failure in a phase of deep sleep. This fact negatively affects the overall quality of sleep. That is why chronic fatigue even restful sleep does not feel refreshing.

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