Study: sex life after 40 years becomes more diverse

Sexual desire after the age of 40 is not reduced, talk to experts from Canada. They had eaten a survey of 2,400 volunteers and proved that with a decent quality of life 40-59 years is the age of new discoveries in the intimate sphere. At any age you can have sex and get pleasure from it. The main thing is to be in decent physical shape.

According to the study, most people aged 40-59 years in Canada satisfied with your relationship with your partner emotionally. About it writes The Times of India. Every second Respondent admitted, after 40 years, he tried in sex something new, for example, began to use the lubricant. Women often resorted to the use of vibrators.

Scientists believe there is a strong correlation between the quality of intimate life and emotional connection between partners. That is why we need to support both aspects of family life.

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