Study: regular sleep deprivation leads to distraction and wrong decisions

To such conclusion employees of University Michiganskogo. They conducted an experiment involving 88 volunteers. For one week, the subjects visited the laboratory, where he performed computer tests and assignments on the definition of intelligence. The results of scientific work tells the publication Zee News.

The night before the final test for the part of volunteers has been difficult: people would not sleep until the morning. Another group slept for eight hours. They were given an official paper in which were listed all the actions that were committed in the context of the experiment. However, some statements of truth did not correspond.

Volunteers were asked to sign the document. Under the false claims has signed up almost 50% of subjects that night and only 14% of people who slept before the final test. Even the lack of sleep influenced the level of intelligence of the volunteers, summarize the results of the scientists. Experts recommend more sleep and to allocate sufficient time to rest before important events, to not make stupid mistakes.

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