Study: people have a mysterious sixth sense

With the evolution of man got the feeling that we know very little. Most animals have the ability to perceive electromagnetic oscillations for quick orientation in the environment. As it turned out, the person this skill is also preserved, albeit in its infancy.

Scientists have sought to identify magnetoreception (the ability of orientation in the magnetic field of the Earth) in humans. Until the last moment gains no one could. Success could only be achieved Joe Kirshvink.

The experiment involved 24 volunteers. The scientist was given to prove that the rotation of the magnetic field in humans is suppression of alpha waves in the electroencephalogram (EEG). EEG is one of the few ways to evaluate the activity sections of the human brain.

Now there are two theories explaining magnetoreception. According to one, there are proteins that respond to changes in the magnetic field. A second hypothesis was that the magnetic reaction responsible receptors with micro-particles of magnetite.

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