Study: paternal instinct is no worse than maternal

Young fathers are not worse mothers determine the shouts and cries of his children and distinguish them from other newborns. These are the results of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Lyon, RIA "Novosti". Researchers believe that this speaks to the equal power of both maternal and paternal instinct.

Some people believe that the maternal instinct is formed during pregnancy, and one of its manifestations is the ability of the mother to determine your baby cry and cry. Scientists - anthropologists believed that this ability is missing fathers, which at the biological level are not interested in their child survived.

But study leader Nicola Matewan questioned the results of previous research. In his opinion, it is necessary to consider the time that parents spend with their children. French scientists believe that mothers are better at discerning the crying of their children just because they spend more time with them.

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To participate in the experiment, the experts gathered a group of volunteers, which included both women and men caring for their children approximately the same amount of time. As it turned out, men together with women could effectively identify the voice of your child. Everything depended on how much time young fathers spent with their children. That is, the more the father spent time with his newborn son or daughter, the better he was able to determine his lamentation among the dozens of other children.

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