Study: parents increasingly use gadgets to soothe the baby

Once the child starts to act up, the parents handed him the tablet or phone with another game. A fairly common situation, which, scientists believe, may affect the child's development in the near future. Most often this approach is used by parents with low income, in wealthy families children prefer the calm traditional ways.

Scientists conducted a study in which interviewed 144 couples with children under the age of three years, writes The Siver Times. The researchers tried to determine how often parents use modern gadgets to soothe the baby. It turned out that this way of practising almost every. Stand parents with problems in the emotional sphere. They resort to phones and tablets to enhance communication with the child twice more than usual.

Experts believe, a small child should not have to spend hours on end in the virtual space. Modern technology, with their abundance impair the development of fine motor skills and speech of the child.

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