Study: on the psyche of people growing influence of social networks

Based on the results of recent studies of a number of scientists in Australia every year in the world more influence major social networks. This is not so much the number of users, they are composed, and how many in those participants who already won't be able to live without them or simply cannot imagine their existence.

Recently, American scientists have estimated that if overnight the social network, suddenly cease to exist, about 65 percent of users in America such fact painless will not be able to survive. There is a high probability that among such people may well develop various mental disorders, depression and even the propensity to suicide. Today, social networks are about 62% of Internet users worldwide, 36% of the above amount to your pages arrive at least two to three times a day.

Approximately 10 percent of users, in other words, every 6-th user of social Internet communities is regarded as a "social drug". In other words, the human desire to view your page, it updates, add news feeds, and other manipulative action is constant.

In the case where the access to social networking for a variety of reasons for a certain period of time "social addict" will be cut, because of the impossibility of checking the last update he starts to get nervous. When the human body feels quite powerful long-term psychological stress, that in a short time leads to increased irritability and, of course, aggression. Australian researchers noted that only five years ago to the category of "social drug" can be linked only 4 percent of users in online social networks. In other words, in the period from 2007 to 2012-the year their number in the comparative values increased about 2.5 times.

The reason for this phenomenon lies not so much in promoting social Internet networks, but also in their internal development and further adaptation. In social networks today registered a colossal number of people that offers more possibilities for communication. Plus social network with an enviable regularity offer new services, different services and options, making the experience not only their own but other people's pages the most "comfortable" or simply interesting. Scientists believe the trend in the coming years will continue and the share of "social drug" in the number of active users of the Internet community will only grow.

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