Study: modern women fear more than anything childbirth

Scientists have tried to figure out what makes a modern women so much afraid of childbirth. The case turned out to be not only in pain. The expectant mother torments many questions about their child's health and quality of life.

Women are also interested in the question of adequate training of doctors, the caregiver, the comfort of conditions of stay in the hospital, the possibility of pregnancy complications and health problems after birth.

All the above factors have a negative impact on the psychological health of expectant mothers. This significantly increases the likelihood of developing postpartum depression.

Fear of childbirth – a phenomenon quite normal, according to doctors. But the fear of modern women borders on insanity and absurdity. Childbirth is a natural process, debugged evolution. Nature is usually to help physicians, reducing all possible risks to a minimum. While every fifth woman is faced with the fear of birth, 6% did have serious mental problems on this basis.

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