Study: men are happier than women

The study, which studied the diverse aspects of human life, found that men are happier than women. It turns out that the performance of some key parameters, such as salary, shape and appearance, men higher than women. In turn, ladies are more than happy in the sphere of love, family, sex and health.

The General index of happiness was 64 percent. Most people are worried about finances (46%). In addition, the survey results showed that mood can be better because of the good weather or due to the attention from their half. However, people were not against to eat better, take another job, to get rid of old diseases or injuries. In addition, as necessary for the happiness of the components mentioned by the respondents included: having more time for his family, support from management, sports achievements of their favorite team.

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A third of respondents said that they would be more happy if their partner was more involved in the relationship. In this case, people started to look at the world with great optimism, The Daily Mail reports. Despite the fact that married people were happier, 1/5 couples admitted that after the wedding optimism is somewhat diminished. Was established another pattern: with age, people become more optimistic, while young people under 25 years were, most often, the attitude is negative.

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